[Bf-committers] meeting minutes - June 13, 2010

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 01:46:17 CEST 2010

1) Current Projects

Sergey Sharybrin is investigating problem with sculpting on shape keys
Joerg Mueller feels .blend file reading: ipo->curve conversion code
should be moved, he suggests the following patch:

Campbell Barton wrote a modifier yesterday, similar to hooks but more flexible.


There was discussion about the need for a modifier stack owner/owners
or team of such folks for review and approval.

Lukas Tonne has spent two days merging his two big particle patches
into one huge patch

Nathan Letwork is still reviewing and updating libs for windows and win64.

2) 2.5 progress

Campbell Barton noted that curve deformer behaviour is now more
correct, but differs from previous releases example of before and
after https://projects.blender.org/tracker/download.php/9/498/22433/11277/xyz_curve_deform.png

Tom Musgrove inquired what would be allowed for merging from the
sculpt branch for 2.5 release.  Ton would like it discussed with
Nicholas Bishop and Brecht.

Nathan Letwory will check on matt's patch for datafile paths

Campbell Barton would like the python API's cleaned up before release,
he will mail his list of proposed changes to the list.


He will also provide a script to correct driver and fcurve paths

Campbell also proposed either marking the Render API as unstable for
the release and/or removing it.

It was pointed out that a number of external renderers are making use
of this API so their input should be sought on what the most desirable
path would be.

Ton suggested a possible compromise might be to keep the api but
documented as limited.
For projects that are making use of the existing API - gamekit, lux
render, yafaray, vray please give input

Ton pointed out that we have 329 bugs in the 2.5x tracker.  It was
pointed out by Tom that arguably there are now fewer bugs in 2.5x than
in 2.49b due to many of the bugs in the 2.5x tracker being bugs
present in both versions.

3) Google Summer of Code

Here are the weekly status reports of the GSoC Students

Joshua Lueng - physics simulation integration to core animation system

Konrad Kleine - paint tools update

Rohith B.V. - quad remeshing

Mitchell Stokes - GLSL shaders

Nick Samarin - Recast/Detour pathfinding

Leif Andersen - testing framework

Nicholas Bishop - multires upgrade

Mike Erwin - fancy input devices

Jason Wilkins - sculpt tools

neXyon - GE API

4) Durian, Siggraph, etc

Siggraph: there are 2 BoFs, but no tradeshow info yet, all funds are
being swallowed by sintel atm, and additional sponsorship hasn't
materialized yet.
Even a small siggraph booth costs 15k USD + flight, hotels, etc.

The majority of work will end on sintel just a week before siggraph,
some parts are then most likely still needed to get rendered.

The Blender Institute is interested in doing a stereoscopic render of
Durian, but only if adequate funding for a quality steroscopic version
can found.

Ton plans to not start a new open movie until he did at least half a
year of code work to finish all leftover 2.5 design issues and
stability topics

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