[Bf-cycles] Would it be possible to implement CPU render for one layer and GPU for other?

gandalf3 zzyxpaw at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 19:51:34 CET 2015

It sounds like you have already split your scene into separate renderlayers.
Then if I'm not missing something, wouldn't it be possible to use two 
instances of blender; One using CPU rendering to render the smoke layer, 
and one using GPU rendering to render the other layer(s)?

You could even run them simultaneously, but it's not a requirement ;)

On 03/10/15 10:15, ertuqueque wrote:
> Hello.
> As the title says... I'm working on an animation that has smoke all 
> over the place, and because of that, I'm limited to use CPU for the 
> whole render sequence. This is taking ~2h each frame and is a sequence 
> of 10 seconds... We're talking about ~20 days of render!...
> How crazy is the idea of setting CPU of some render layers and GPU for 
> others?... I'm not saying to render them at the same time (although 
> would be even better)... just to automatically render one layer in one 
> device, then, the other one and fire up the compositing as one would 
> usually do.
> Thanks.
> tuqueque.
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