[Bf-committers] Science visualisation: Blender + ANARI

grzelinskimat at gmail.com grzelinskimat at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 11:10:31 CET 2020


I am in the middle of researching possibilities of
visualization and interaction with neural networks (graph based
structures) in 3d environment, just a project connected with studies. 

I came upon quite new project called ANARI - Analytic Rendering
Interface for Data Visualization. Long story short, it is meant to be a
bridge connecting data and visualization in standarized ways:

data -> ANARI -> any visualization tool

So in my case:

neural model -> ANARI -> Blender

The ANARI project (owned by Khronos group) is still under development
thus kept private. 
Recently Ton announced that Blender is a member of Khronos group. I am
not asking for access, that would be a lot to ask, but still I wonder
if anyone from Blender participates in development of ANARI? Any plans
or thoughts about it?

Blender seems to be used quite often in science vis and ANARI seems to
be next big thing.

As ANARI is still kept private I will probably need to use different
toolchain for my project :( Now I can appreciate open nature of

Mateusz GrzeliƄski

Those are pretty much the only public resources about ANARI:
* ANARI overview: https://www.khronos.org/anari
* ANRI Q&A webinar (recording and presentation): 

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