[Bf-funboard] some pipeline related requests

Thomas Volkmann lists at thomasvolkmann.com
Thu Aug 14 14:07:18 CEST 2014


while checking how Blender could fit into our pipeline, I ran into some issues
that maybe someone finds worth fixing/implementing.
First a short list, and description further down:

1.: render renderlayers (and passes) to separate files
1.a: commandline flag to chose which renderlayer to render
2: additional location(s) for Configuration and Data files

It's pretty much self explanatory, but nevertheless some words of explanation:

1: When more layers are selected and I have an outputformat other than
multilayer-exr, they will overwrite each other and only the last rendered layer
Possible solution could be to either hardcoded the layername to the outputname,
or allow the usage of tokens (<Scene>.<Layer>.<Pass>).
I have a thread on blenderartists with more datail if needed:

1.a: When it is possible to render layers separately, there should also be a
commandline flag for it (where "-o" should override the eventually hardcoded
This would be mandatory for proper renderfarm integration.

2: I think it would be good to be able to add custom locations for Config&Data
files. I'll quote my blenderartists post
is it possible to have more locations for configuration and data files than
I would like to have one place (or more) on the server for additional
settings,plugins,addons, whatever.
SYSTEM doesn't work, because all users shall run Blender from the network.
USER doesn't work, because either I would have to deploy the stuff for every
user, or every user has to go with the same setup
LOCAL would work, but I would need to install stuff for each separate version or

That's basically it.
Any thoughts/questions/advice?


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