[Bf-funboard] Artificial Intelligence aided user interface...

Tommi Laiho tommilaiho at msn.com
Mon Sep 30 03:24:42 CEST 2013

I have always been thinking that computer should somehow try to guess what user is planning to do for nextand then do proposals what to do for next accordingly. 
I think this kind of UI has not been tried to make anywhere so far. It seems that since the graphical user interfacewas invented there has not been truly remarkable innovation how to improve the usability of the computer. 
Furthermore I think that brain computer interface should be somehow integrated to Blender. This means that we could model and animate things simply by thinking the required function. This kind of usage could also be enhancedwith speech recognition and by oral usage of the Blender. Brain computer interface starts to be functional and you can buydevices for this with $200. I believe in the near future computer will be guided with a thought only. 
I think Blender has plenty of features and this is really good thing. Every day its getting better and better and it is becomingmore serious tool than it has ever been. Many thanks to Blender community. 
But the problem in very difficult usage which is common to from Blender to Maya and Softimage. There should be some way to make thingsmuch, much more easier to use. We need a similar revolution like the graphical user interface has been. Don't take me wrong Blender is my favorite 3D software and it may always be that. Happy blending to everybody!
If somebody could mention me some problem in Blender's usability I would like to hear that and try to design a new interface to fix this problem. 
I would like to develop blender graphically and by thinking a new user interface but unfortunately I am not a programmer but I think I could haveuseful ideas for programmers to program. But please let me know where are the latest problems I will then make my proposals to develop Blender. 

With Best Regards, 
Tommi P. Laiho



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