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Ruth Ivimey-Cook ruth at ivimey.org
Mon Sep 30 00:53:12 CEST 2013

Jude Jackson wrote:
> For your neophyte 3D modeller, information is just as well obfuscated by
> noise as by literal obfuscation. Presently, the Blender interface features
> both: In a given layout, users are forced to scroll through massive lists
> of functions with obscure technical names and ill-labeled buttons. The
> distinction between noise and information is fuzzy, but whereas postmodern
I prefer the terms:

  data: raw input to a system of some sort
  signal: values found in data that are of interest, that is, can become 
  noise: values found within the raw input data that must be removed
  information: useful knowledge derived from some system.

Note that the "system" is highly context dependent: the input data for 
one system could quite reasonably be the information output from 
another. A concrete example:

    data: samples of pressure received from a microphone transducer
    signal: samples forming a recording of a sound wave
    noise in the data: electromagnetic interference picked up by the
    information: a waveform recording of the audio signal, minus mains
    hum "noise".

    data: a sampled waveform from an audio recording
    signal: a recorded speech waveform
    noise in the data: background wind noise recorded along with the
    intended speech signal
    information: phonemes corresponding to the spoken words.


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