[Bf-funboard] Toggling proportional edit during transform

Hadrien Brissaud hadriscus at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 13:38:42 CEST 2013

Hi Matjaz,

your "fingers" example sounds like a perfect scenario for using the
"connected" mode, because it does what you describe, unless I misunderstood

@David, I don't think it should be hardcoded because as you said, there
would be no way of changing the hotkey for it later on. Then I am not sure
what you're asking, I'm new to this lingo so... if I expand the modal-map
in the input preferences I see a number of hotkeys which are effective
during a grab/rotate/scale operation.... very few keys are effectively busy
at the moment, so don't we have room for setting new ones ?

On 13 July 2013 10:26, Matjaz Lamut <matjaz.lamut at gmail.com> wrote:

> Proportional editing doesn't look like a simple toggle. Currently it has 3
> states with 1 more coming in 2.68 and 1 more possible that users have
> expressed the wish to see it implemented, but not on any roadmap.
> -Disable
> -Enable
> -Connected
> -Projected (2d)      <- in 2.68
> -Along geometry      <- requested and mentioned by users. Imagine fingers
> on a hand and you only wish to affect one of them from the tip to the base,
> without affecting neighbouring fingers. Can be done if the effect of
> proportional editing travels along geometry rather than an influence sphere
> around the reference point.
> In addition, you have 7 falloff curves to choose from for proportional
> editing.
> -Smooth
> -Sphere
> -Root
> -Sharp
> -Linear
> -Constant
> -Random
> With so many options for proportional editing I do wonder how things can be
> designed for nice usability. Adding proportional editing into transform
> actions would at least double the existing commands one can already do
> during transforms. That is, when I imagine simple toggle keys, no fancy
> usability ideas in my head.
> On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 9:12 PM, David Jeske <davidj at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I estimate the coding for (1) is minimal.. but IMO this only makes sense
> if
> > we think proportional editing toggle is the "one remaining thing" that
> > should be toggleable during modal grab. I don't know whether this is true
> > or not, but I'm suspicious.
> >
> > A good place to start would be a breakdown of all the toggles that affect
> > grab, which ones have modal-grab hotkeys and which don't. I'm not sure of
> > this myself. Can you post such a quick summary?
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