[Bf-funboard] Fwd:cursor snapping idea

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Mon Feb 18 17:36:46 CET 2008

Reposting this 2 weeks old mail. Was hanging as not approved somewhere, since I wasn't correctly signed in the list.
Dunno if still actual.
# ------------ Původní zpráva ------------
# Od: Vilem Novak <pildanovak at post.cz>
# Předmět: cursor snapping idea
# Datum: 05.2.2008 12:19:19
# ----------------------------------------
# On Sunday developer meeting  theeth spoke about his work on the custom transform
# in the current SVN, 
# and I wanted to suggest a feature, which I think could be really usefull and
# even more fluent than the current workflow.
# It's idea comes a little from XSI, though i think blender had his cursor for a
# longer time ;)
# The workflow currently is:
# either you want to transform from cursor:
# switch to transform around cursor, select a vertex, ctrl-s -> cursor to
# selection, then you can transform. 
# or, with new custom transform:
# you select an object/face/edge/vert, and add it to custom transforms with
# ctrl+shift+c. This allows you to store more custom orientations, which is great,
# but you don't store the source point of this transform, the center of the
# reference object. Also , this is good for translation, but not so much for scale
# and rotation.
# what I propose/think would be a nice ideas:
# adding shift+click to snap cursor by the current snapping options.That would
# enable a very quick transform for scaling and rotation.
# shift click would also automatically switch to cursor transform center.
# a use case: you want to scale a window on a house by it's lower part. ctrl-click
# on a vertex in lower part, s to scale, z to set axis.
# Having the option to zero out the rotation of an object relatively to custom
# transform - that means the rotation in transform panel could be written in the
# custom transform object space.
# a use case: you want to put a door on a house, on an not - 90degree wall(sorry
# my english bad!). Go to edit mode, store the custom transform for a wall face.
# Go to object mode, use the custom transform, set rotation of the door to 0. The
# door is perfectly aligned.
# Having the option to scale by custom transforms? Same as above, just the center
# goes to the center of custom transform source.I'm writing this case here for
# other users to think about this, I cannot find a real usecase myself.
# I have more transform ideas, but I'm not sure if they are actual.
# Face snapping, and "normal" snapping could also be great. 
# Face snapping is quite obvious I think.
# Normal snapping is an addition to vertex/edge/face snapping. The snapped
# object/selection gets not only snapped, but also rotated by the normal of the
# snap target. There should be an option for the rotation axis which should be
# used in the direction of the normal
# These would be really useful for placing objects on other ones, making for
# example the above case of the door  snap even faster.
# Thanks go to theeth for the great work.
# Vilda Novak

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