[Bf-funboard] Softbody Lattices and Self Colision?

Carsten Wartmann carsten.wartmann at imago-viva.de
Tue Jan 9 11:39:38 CET 2007

bkurdali at freefactory.org wrote:
> Indeed, Ton had talked about making a "mesh deformer"- mdef for short in 
> the past based on a paper from pixar, in which a low rez mesh can be 
> used to deform a high rez one, similarly to how a lattice works. I 
> gather tha matsh behind this are a bit complicated, so I have no idea 
> when/if this will happen. For sure not for this release, but it is 
> possible for the next one ( I'm one of the culprits for bugging him 
> about it from time to time ;) )

Poke ;-)

> In the meantime you can do what we did for proog's coat in ED, or 
> something similar - it is quite nasty to set up- have a low rez softbody 
> mesh, vertex parent empties to that mesh, and use the empties to drive 

I came up with this idea also but found it to work intense for my case. 
Thanks for sharing.

If I would ever need such case I may better write a python script for 
doing the hard work.

However, it was just a test with a different type of "cloth" so I guess 
I will stick to a normal tablecloth to explain softbody cloth ;-)

Best Regards,

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