[Bf-funboard] Softbody Lattices and Self Colision?

bkurdali at freefactory.org bkurdali at freefactory.org
Sun Jan 7 20:26:34 CET 2007

Indeed, Ton had talked about making a "mesh deformer"- mdef for short  
in the past based on a paper from pixar, in which a low rez mesh can  
be used to deform a high rez one, similarly to how a lattice works. I  
gather tha matsh behind this are a bit complicated, so I have no idea  
when/if this will happen. For sure not for this release, but it is  
possible for the next one ( I'm one of the culprits for bugging him  
about it from time to time ;) )
In the meantime you can do what we did for proog's coat in ED, or  
something similar - it is quite nasty to set up- have a low rez  
softbody mesh, vertex parent empties to that mesh, and use the empties  
to drive an armature, lattice, or as hooks to drive the underlying  
high rez mesh directly. You will spend a looooong time on the setup,  
depending on how involved your situation is, and you will probably  
have to compromise the niceness of the deformations. On the plus side,  
you can animate the empties to tweak the result of the simulation  
should you need to.

> Hello,
> is it planned to add self collision to Lattice-Softbodies? I was trying
> to animate a net thrown over a Cube, however the net is much to complex
> for solving the Softbody, so I tried a Lattice, which worked good,
> however the resulting animation looks unnatural without selfcolision. A
> normal Plane looks very good but can`t control the high-res mesh. So I
> am stuck.
> Another idea would be to have normal Meshes working as Lattices in the
> "Lattice"-Modifier?
> Best Regards,
> Carsten
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