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Karl Kühberger kuehberger at gmx.net
Thu Nov 23 19:16:12 CET 2006

Hi Roger,

thanks for the detailed information about your way of teaching Blender.
Sounds pretty good, and I will try it in my next course.
But I also think, there are many approaches to teach Blender.
I teach it to both adults and kids. With adults it is easy to do it
step by step and quite academically, but with kids, who are very
curious and want to try out every button in the first lesson, sometimes
it is difficult to stay with the essentials.


Am 22.11.2006 um 23:33 schrieb Roger:

>> Many of them are overwhelmed by the huge amount of buttons,  
>> sliders  and so on.
> The trick I found is to first get people acusstomed to the menus  
> from the space bar
> Get them used to inserting shapes where they want.
> Next
> Show how to select and manipulate vertices.
> Show how to change from vertice, to edge to face select in Objecy  
> mode.
> Show how to select filled or line with the z key.
> Show G,E and B keys and their uses.
> Next show them the 3 controls at the bottom Shading Object and Editing
> work thru each one very briefly.
>  Shading, Add New, RGB colors
> then the Materials, Add New. The other thing to show here is how to  
> use a material not in the
> Blender list.
> Basically don't bother with the other selections, menus and stuff  
> until they ask questions.
> Next show them Emit and Tansparency in the shaders selector.
> They will want to rotate the rendered image and will get frustrated  
> at not being able to do so. So
> forget lighting until they get a good object to render,
> Using these steps its not difficult to grasp Blender and promotes  
> enough courage to explore the
> other menus.
> One last thing, show them how to save.  and select a .blend sketch  
> I find it awkward that <ctrl S>
> sometimes doesnt save the existing drawing to the existing drawing  
> name but defaults to Untitled.blend
> I find they get rapid with the above then get frustrated with more  
> complex things.
> regards
> Roger
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