[Bf-funboard] Blender Basic Version

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Fri Nov 24 07:23:40 CET 2006

Karl Kühberger wrote:
> Hi Roger,
> thanks for the detailed information about your way of teaching Blender.
> Sounds pretty good, and I will try it in my next course.
> But I also think, there are many approaches to teach Blender.
> I teach it to both adults and kids. With adults it is easy to do it
> step by step and quite academically, but with kids, who are very
> curious and want to try out every button in the first lesson, sometimes
> it is difficult to stay with the essentials.
> Carlinhos

Hi Karl
Oh Yeah that is definitely correct, as many approaches as there are students.
In that first stage of exploration they either learn a lot, fast,  or nothing at all.

Did you know that you can minimise / remove the selectors in the bottom wndow and only show the ones
you want to teach for that particular lesson.
I've done that too. At the very least everyone is working on the same subject.

I found the Blender Classroom Tutorial Book  quite good for beginners, however it leaves much out of
the explanations.
Keep up the good work

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