[Bf-funboard] proposal for new feature: Set Edge Length

Patrik Andersson patrik at linet.se
Sun Jan 8 16:59:00 CET 2006

Hi Jonathan
Now I have updated the script, and at least two of your requests is now 
supported, (available at http://www.linet.se/blender/sel)

The only way I now to see the length for an edge is to enable the button 
Edge Length under Editing(F9) -> Mesh Tools 1 probably you already know 
it.  I don't know how to script it too, depending on that I'm a newbie 
in Blender scripting.

I have made a multi tool(I think to remove the parallel tool) and I 
think it's works great but it have it's limits.

I took a fast look at the Current Mode problem, and it's now solved.

Now the school starts and I have a lot of work to be done there. But 
it's still much left to code. I have plans of an "edge dependent" 
system, where it automaticle can calculate how much each vertex needs to 
move. Anyway now I need to take time to my studies and therefor I will 
not have so much time to code.

Thank you for response!

Regards Patrik

myselfhimself at free.fr wrote:

>Hi again Patrik,
>I've seen that you've change things to your script (though I haven't tried them
>out yet).
>I'd have some requests for you to implement if it'd not require too much a work
>to you. Those would be :
>***To be able to see the length of one edge which is selected (without having to
>press any button... just select the edge and read a value that has changed
>***And to be able to set the edge length of multiple edges (I know that you can
>do so for parallalel edges as for now... now what if I selected the edges I
>want such as the top ones in a box...).
>***When the script "fails to operate", it gives an error message in a small
>popup, which is nice. However the object is then set back to Object Mode. Would
>it be possible that one remains in the current mode (in my case that was Edit
>Thank you very much for you have done so far and don't feel obliged to fulfill
>the things above.
>Selon Patrik Andersson <patrik at linet.se>:
>>I have always missed a tool to set the length of a side or an edge. Now
>>I have worked out a python script, but it is not 100% good.
>>You can get the script at http://www.linet.se/blender/sel there I also
>>have published some screenshots.
>>Try it out!
>>Regards Patrik
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