[Bf-funboard] proposal for new feature: Set Edge Length

myselfhimself at free.fr myselfhimself at free.fr
Fri Jan 6 11:25:52 CET 2006

Hi again Patrik,
I've seen that you've change things to your script (though I haven't tried them
out yet).

I'd have some requests for you to implement if it'd not require too much a work
to you. Those would be :

***To be able to see the length of one edge which is selected (without having to
press any button... just select the edge and read a value that has changed

***And to be able to set the edge length of multiple edges (I know that you can
do so for parallalel edges as for now... now what if I selected the edges I
want such as the top ones in a box...).

***When the script "fails to operate", it gives an error message in a small
popup, which is nice. However the object is then set back to Object Mode. Would
it be possible that one remains in the current mode (in my case that was Edit

Thank you very much for you have done so far and don't feel obliged to fulfill
the things above.


Selon Patrik Andersson <patrik at linet.se>:

> Hi
> I have always missed a tool to set the length of a side or an edge. Now
> I have worked out a python script, but it is not 100% good.
> You can get the script at http://www.linet.se/blender/sel there I also
> have published some screenshots.
> Try it out!
> Regards Patrik
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