[Bf-funboard] light node ?

Frédéric van der Essen fred at mentalwarp.com
Sun Feb 19 02:51:14 CET 2006

If someone is in need of ideas for a new node, here is one that i think 
could be really usefull :
a light node :

Here is how it would work :
Each light has following properties "Render Light Pass" / "Only Pass" / 
"Full Pass"
If "Render Light Pass is checked, you can add a light-node  that will 
output  the light
intensity at each pixel. Basically it would not care of materials and 
just output it's "diffuse"
intensity and color.
If "Only Pass" Is checked, the light doesn't appear in render, it is 
only available as a light
node, allowing the artist to then composite it with the "Mix/add node"

If "Full Pass" is checked, the light pass will look like the Renderlayer 
with only that light
on (with all shaders, reflections/etc...), and if possible with separate 
spec/diffuse data.

Useless mockup :

Such a node would allow the artist to tweak all its lights without 
having to render again,
and he could also use his lights as color adjustements, or as factor for 
blur, or anything
that we can't even think about now :)

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