[Bf-funboard] ideas for a superior topology drawing tool for blender

trip trip at spymac.com
Tue Nov 9 13:58:14 CET 2004

yeah sounds nice, but can (will) it be done, or is it just ideas and 
formation of thought. ?

BUt I would be very happy if you could get it to work  as others to I 
would think ..

On Nov 9, 2004, at 4:09 AM, Tom Musgrove wrote:

> Most of you may have heard of silos topology tool if not see these 
> videos for examples
> http://www.silo3d.com/Downloads/Videos/topo_eye.mov
> http://www.silo3d.com/Downloads/Videos/topo_head_lo.mov
> Of course I have ideas for a much superior version.  Here is how I 
> would approach it.
> 1) have an ellipse tool to draw ellipses, making edge loops much 
> easier and faster.  After the ellipse is drawn the user can increase 
> the number of control points for tweaking it.  (Ie just convert it to 
> a bezier curve and up the control points...)
> 2) allow 'subdivision' of the topology (ie the location of the control 
> points is determined by the topology and the base mesh).  Thus new 
> points are projected at the midpoints of the lines.
> 3)just create a flat mesh and project it instead of forcing the user 
> to draw the topology.  Then use standard mesh tools to slide the verts 
> along the mesh etc.  Ie grab the entire edge loop and slide it.
> 4) Allow specifying intersections by just clicking as with a knife 
> tool (instead of having to draw the interconnecting line).
> The above design consideration would be far faster for users than that 
> of silo - giving a large increase of power and sacraficing nothing of 
> flexibility.
> Of course it is all just projecting from screen space to object space 
> (the points should be able to project onto both the sudivided or 
> unsubdivided smoother surface as well...)
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