[Bf-funboard] Req: about texture channels in world and material

malefico andauer the3d_hut at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Nov 9 13:21:16 CET 2004

Hi ppl,

I know we are in freeze mode, but anyway suggesting
won't hurt.

In Tuhopuu there was an improvement allowing 8 texture
channels in World settings. This would be great to be
ported to BF. I used it a lot with Tuhopuu.

Plus, copy/paste texture from one channel to another
in world settings (like the ones in material buttons)
would be great to have.

One last thing. Copy/paste texture doesn't copy the
SizeX,Y,Z or dX,Y,Z values in material buttons.
many times this is desirable (for instance to
add/multiply the texture to itself). I would like this
to be added.

What do you think ?




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