[Bf-funboard] ideas for a superior topology drawing tool for blender

Tom Musgrove tommusgrove__ at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 9 20:33:37 CET 2004

Hi trip,

[QUOTE]yeah sounds nice, but can (will) it be done, or is it just ideas and
formation of thought. ?[/QUOTE]

It can be done, some of the better coders could probably accomplish it 
fairly quickly.

algorithmically I think much of it would be fairly easy.  (The method used 
with the shrinkwrap script is one way, or use the method I suggest here... 
Of course binning/space partitioning can be used to really speed things 


We already have the code for the freehand selection tool.

We'd need code for ellipse.

We'd require a method to store the drawings as drawings in whatever 
coordinate frame they were drawn in (fairly easy).  We'd need a temporary UV 
mape to project onto, so that it looks like the drawing is being used 
instantly (what you'd actually do is store them all until you exit the 
topology mode...).  To be able to still slide the topology around when you 
change views you need to project into local coordiantes and then project 
back into the stored view coordinates of the object.

Right now it is just a formation of thought, but 3 months ago or so, so was 
my sculpt mesh tool.

If a decent C coder would be interested I can explain things a bit more and 
pound out the details and maybe do a bit of proof of concept code.


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