[Bf-funboard] REQ: One key for centering view at cursor in NLA, IPO, Action Editor

Konrad Haenel public at konrad-haenel.de
Tue Nov 2 00:16:17 CET 2004

I like the idea of "hotspots" on the timeline. This would really help 
while fine-tuning parts of an animation.

malefico andauer wrote:

>Hi, I have a couple of feature request for helping out
> animation workflow.
>1- It would be great if a coherent method for
>centering view at cursor position, would be applied in
>IPO, NLA, and Action windows.
>Currently, "CKEY" centers view around cursor in Action
>Editor only, while in NLA converts to strip, and in
>IPO... who knows.
>2- Also, automatically centering view around cursor in
>IPO (displaying Action IPOs) when selecting a bone in
>pose mode, would greatly improve productivity. It is a
>very common task to edit keyframes in IPO curves, for
>a certain bone in a selected action, and currently you
>have to drag the view manually to reach cursor
>position in IPO editor, which consumes time and
>furthermore ... it's boring.
>3- Timeline control/tools. It could be useful to have
>editing marks "a la Cinelerra", to quickly surf an
>animation among specific keyframes. Hotkeys to set
>current frame as start or end frame of animation (it's
>quicker when you need to preview a part of an anim) or
>an option to preview/render selected parts. Like
>highlighting a region and rendering/previewing only
>those frames.
>well, I think these features would greatly improve
>animator's productivity.
>About feature #3, I already wrote a simple (and buggy)
>script which handles editing marks (a buffer of
>selected hotspots in the animation), and provides a
>couple of buttons to set current frame as start or end
>frames of animation, and to surf over the "hotspots".
>I think it could be easy to implement as builtin
>functions. I'll post it here if you think it could
>help to understand my point.
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