[Bf-funboard] REQ: One key for centering view at cursor in NLA, IPO, Action Editor

malefico andauer the3d_hut at yahoo.com.ar
Mon Nov 1 18:46:31 CET 2004

Hi, I have a couple of feature request for helping out
 animation workflow.

1- It would be great if a coherent method for
centering view at cursor position, would be applied in
IPO, NLA, and Action windows.
Currently, "CKEY" centers view around cursor in Action
Editor only, while in NLA converts to strip, and in
IPO... who knows.

2- Also, automatically centering view around cursor in
IPO (displaying Action IPOs) when selecting a bone in
pose mode, would greatly improve productivity. It is a
very common task to edit keyframes in IPO curves, for
a certain bone in a selected action, and currently you
have to drag the view manually to reach cursor
position in IPO editor, which consumes time and
furthermore ... it's boring.

3- Timeline control/tools. It could be useful to have
editing marks "a la Cinelerra", to quickly surf an
animation among specific keyframes. Hotkeys to set
current frame as start or end frame of animation (it's
quicker when you need to preview a part of an anim) or
an option to preview/render selected parts. Like
highlighting a region and rendering/previewing only
those frames.

well, I think these features would greatly improve
animator's productivity.

About feature #3, I already wrote a simple (and buggy)
script which handles editing marks (a buffer of
selected hotspots in the animation), and provides a
couple of buttons to set current frame as start or end
frames of animation, and to surf over the "hotspots".
I think it could be easy to implement as builtin
functions. I'll post it here if you think it could
help to understand my point.



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