[Bf-funboard] RE: Bf-funboard digest, Vol 1 #289 - 2 msgs

Landis Fields bf-funboard@blender.org
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 04:39:46 -0000

Tom M.,

> With my idea, it is a 'zoom follows pointer', so if I move the mouse to a 
> different view window, it is showing the zoomed location and perspecitve 
> the mouse in that window.
> Thanks for the comments,

Nice idea. Been thinking bout' something like this myself for some time now, 
asuming that this "zoom" feature would only take effect on 3d windows other 
than the parent. Ok, heres what I got...

There could be a hotkey to "auto frame windows" that could be toggled on and 
off similar to how the current proportional editing feature (magnetic tool) 
behaves. This would allert the user that it was enabled by having it appear 
on the 3d window toolbar ( I like that for some reason). 

Now, this "auto framing" would basically "frame" any object that is 
currently selected so that it is completely visible in all other 3d windows 
at all times. This would also include mimicking any type of view 
transformation (zoom or pan) that is performed on the parent window "on the 
fly" as well. This feature would frame the verts you are currently working 
ONLY when the view has been altered (basically no squirly windows while the 
program is idling). User zooms in, starts working his or her 3d magic, and 
the windows would remain on those verts unless he or she transforms the 
views....plain and simple. 

C'mon poeple! Have your ways with it! RELEASE THE HOUNDS!!