[Bf-funboard] Armatures ?

trip bf-funboard@blender.org
Thu, 15 Jul 2004 22:45:18 -0400

With all of the great stuff happening to other parts of the code. What 
is happening with Armatures ?
A few people were trying to make a python vertex group layout selector 
but could not get the selection part for whatever reason.

Is anyone working to streamline the work flow at least ?

Like example:
Tuhopuu has a great simple auto IK. It is great for just some quick 
test rigs. Though has yet to see a BF release.
When working with armature rigs a basic rigging flow is after parented.:
Enter pose mode, grab bone to see deformation leave pose mode. Select 
mesh enter bone paint mode select vertex group in a popup menu in edit 
window, rotate view and adjust the paint in the paint control window, 
paint. Exit . Repeat.

Now to make this faster, it flows like this with keyboard short cuts, 
which in turn "is not faster".
Move mouse to select armature, press alt tab enter pose mode, use mouse 
select bone, if needed press tap to enter the confusing edit mode that 
make the bones jump at times and selection is different and takes a 
border select to get one bone unlike pose mode. press tab, exit edit 
and pose mode. Use mouse to select mesh, move mouse to select bone 
paint mode since there is no shortcut that I know of. Find the correct 
vertex group in the edit menu and adjust paint in another window.

To much mouse needless mouse movement and  entering and exiting edit 

It could be streamlined so much.

Remove bone edit mode, replace with just pose mode and let pose mode 
select both: joints and full bones.
Have a key shortcut to enter the child meshes bone paint mode.
Have a feature to select the vertex group with either a oops style 
item, or a border select to do an auto Link style select all in the 
N key to give a floating slider for the paints brush size and strength.

Would save lots of needless mouse movement and selections, plus it 
would cut down on the needless use of to many windows.

Just ideas with very little code needed.