[Bf-funboard] support for render view plugins

Joseph Motanez bf-funboard@blender.org
03 Jul 2003 20:51:31 -0700

I like the plugin idea; make an api to basicly lets the user program a
plugin to have drawings of menus like the logic brick but fit for the
external engine. I would see that being a lot of work by itself.

Also about the game engine in general, I like the speed of enji and the
extenablity kitsji, only problem is that ketsji has over a hundred files
while enji has only 2 files.But enji is also in dutch, well the comments
and some is in English. Although ketsji is more mature its rendering
pipeline doesn't seem to be.

I read the design documents on ketsji but it seems to be not as helpful
as I suspected. Also I can see why there are holes in ketsji since there
was such a rush to get it up and running and expand as fast as possible.
Maybe cut ketsji down a bit. So though how first look at the source
won't be overwhelmed.