[Bf-funboard] Lock-Object per Layer

ph bf-funboard@blender.org
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 13:44:02 +0200

Hi Ztonzy

Of course the ability to lock a layer (every 2d layer based app has that) is
good and important. And not even locking layers, but locking objects to
their specific state as well. It happens so often that you put objects in
place, parented and then want to have them fixed, so they cannot accidently
get selected or moved (I just say Freehand, Photoshop,Indesign). Objects
and/or layers should have this ability, maybe even for different aspects,
like 1: rotation scaling and movement, 2: mesh editing, 3: materials and
textures, 4: all at once and so on, quite like the way photoshop has it.
Also an object should be able to follow his parent while not being
selectable. Important for armature setups.

So far Blender only has the ability of a background scene, which is great
but not enough. Well, you can fix an object if you set one Size to zero, but
that's not really usable except to annoy newbies.

And although I find the Blenderlayers beautiful in a way, I think they will
eventually have to be exchanged with a list, where you can name and add
layers (photoshop6.0 handles 8000 if you don't use folders, I tested it (:

Thorsten: the trick Ton mentioned (adjusting the plane automatically to the
image) was in my blend too (it's one of Blender's nice features that you can
put a text window with documentation right into a file). Download it, there
are a few more tricks in it (like splitting a mesh in half and mirroring it
to model symmetrically). Maybe you know them all, but just in case.