[Bf-funboard] Lock-Object per Layer

Thorsten Wilms bf-funboard@blender.org
Fri, 22 Aug 2003 15:57:59 +0200

On Fri, Aug 22, 2003 at 01:44:02PM +0200, ph wrote:
> ...
> So far Blender only has the ability of a background scene, which is great
> but not enough. Well, you can fix an object if you set one Size to zero, but
> that's not really usable except to annoy newbies.

Background scenes? Blender is like a swiss army knive, but with some tools
completely hidden and others where you can't say what to do with them, until you
try or better get told.

> And although I find the Blenderlayers beautiful in a way, I think they will
> eventually have to be exchanged with a list, where you can name and add
> layers (photoshop6.0 handles 8000 if you don't use folders, I tested it (:
> myself).

Current layer system takes only littel space and is fast to access. But I had
no clue what that buttons are for until I read about it. Simply trying does'nt
work so good, because you need to know of shift-click functionality.

I would like to have a layer control much like Gimp/Photoshop. With nameable
layers and check-boxes for visibility, rendering and lock/edit.

Thumbnail images may sound attractive, but they would have to be rather large 
to help in more complex scenes. And what perspective and draw-mode to choose?
So I would like to suggest highlighting of all objects of a layer on mouse-
over on the layer-entry/controls.

Of course, this last thing, highlighting, could be implemented without changing 
anything else.
> Thorsten: the trick Ton mentioned (adjusting the plane automatically to the
> image) was in my blend too (it's one of Blender's nice features that you can
> put a text window with documentation right into a file). Download it, there
> are a few more tricks in it (like splitting a mesh in half and mirroring it
> to model symmetrically). Maybe you know them all, but just in case.
> Haunt_House

Now let me say thank you, Haunt_House, for the file, and thanks to Ton for the
tip. I already knew how to miror-model in blender, would be quite hard to do
a character without. I wonder how many people know the complete blender

Are there any best practices or something on discussing things here and filing 
feature requests?