[Bf-education] Trying to realize a goal with Big Buck Bunny

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Hi Edwin,

I lecture at a Colledge been pushing the blender software since 2008, it is awesome as you know but my students don't all warm to blender at the start and start comparing to other sother software packages, by the end of the course I usually have a lot os students not wanting to use anything else.

 very slow processess my suggestion is give them goals and allow them to self mannage through the tutes in small groups or pods give them different tasks within the pod and have weekly meetings with yourself daily meetings within the pods themselves timeline project.

we are a vocational Education and training orginisation our role is to prepare them for the workplace simulation is the key I orginise my students into paods working for a larger company.

this works and you don't need an entire team to desend on your students but one or two from the industry to come for a chat does inspire anyone from industry who can tell them how they made it always helps... hope this helps:)

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I have wanted to find a student who is willing to create something out of the Big Buck Bunny resources on the BBB DVD.  I've tried to "sell" the idea to every Blender class I've taught.  It's a very hard sell!

I wish the Mango project team would take time to teach some high school students how to make a very short scene.  Of course, we already have Peach and Durian resources.  But the teams are already disbanded.

I've tried to step through a scene in class.  Alas, I can't be as convincing as the experts who originally created them.  Besides, I'm only one person.  I do not pretend to have all the skills of a whole team.  The experts would make it look easy and perhaps more tempting to try.  I'm pretty sure I've scared more to not even try, than to consider doing something.

Perhaps this sort of exercise would produce a tutorial.  Perhaps a section in the DVD could teach students how to use and make something of the open-source resources.  Making something else of it is one of the goals of the projects, correct?

Edwin Pilobello

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