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As a suggestion you could teach the students to first write something that would use the Bbb assets and then have them make storyboards and then an animatic. Then they could start working with the assets. In teaching animation there really is not substitute for helping people learn how a sequence is first built. Also if they come up with their own story they feel more invested. Like they could have the BBB characters fight a space battle instead. Or be in the city. I think that is where learning really starts. Then for the technical part there are amazing resources online. Does that help?

Good luck! Teaching is fun!


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> I have wanted to find a student who is willing to create something out of the Big Buck Bunny resources on the BBB DVD.  I've tried to "sell" the idea to every Blender class I've taught.  It's a very hard sell!
> I wish the Mango project team would take time to teach some high school students how to make a very short scene.  Of course, we already have Peach and Durian resources.  But the teams are already disbanded. 
>  Jen
> I've tried to step through a scene in class.  Alas, I can't be as convincing as the experts who originally created ce them.  Besides, I'm only one person.  I do not pretend to have all the skills of a whole team.  The experts would make it look easy and perhaps more tempting to try.  I'm pretty sure I've scared more to not even try, than to consider doing something.
> Perhaps this sort of exercise would produce a tutorial.  Perhaps a section in the DVD could teach students how to use and make something of the open-source resources.  Making something else of it is one of the goals of the projects, correct?
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