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Willem Verwey willem at 3danimationnetwork.com
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Hi Igor

We have a group of about 20 people learning Blender and have plans to expand with other groups in other Cities around the world. Do you think it can work. I believe that it can with the right training material. We're planning to do Training Video's and make it available on the net at a small fee to cover production costs and postage. Volumes is the name of the game. It will be great if we can partner in a way. 
I have two guy's that I'm using as specialists that is using Blender in their businesses. see www.dnapixels.com and www.stinkmedia.co.za.

Regards Willem
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  Oh, thank you guys! I didn't expect so quick response from such an excellency!


  I hope that you don't expect  I. Assimov or A. C. Clark writing style in my WikiActionBook! :)
  Hmm, but maybe will be this conversation even more interesting than those semi-static text over there!

  I can see that you are very interested in global education, heh and I guess also smart enough that you can see in Blender excellent tool and community for this task, well, me too (pstt, we are not alone! :).

  Bright future of Blender! Yes, that's a nice topic! That's why I also started ~one year ago AIML bot with a Blender 'AI' Documentation idea. Still waiting on Official English FAQ to be completed (we must admit that this isn't easy task for so fast expanding software)...

  Anyway, I like this AI Documentation Bot idea and some conversations with users was very amusing indeed, especially because poor new users usually expect help from the bot and not questions! :) (sorry guys, but your conversations really help me for improving it, I really hope that will be soon useful & thanks for all answers, many are Great, even if I don't understand all of your languages! :).

  Cris, you know, I didn't care much about such (too simple) AI, my first bot 'Greta' was just a toy at the beginning, but when I start to follow conversation logs where was one boy interested almost a year for one girl - real person, but who exist for him only in bot's brain (from her previous conversations with it), well from then I'm not so sure that is 'too simple'! Hmm, is human brain so simple or is AIML more complex than it looks?!

  Here is the link (if you didn't see it yet, there was many users with a name Cris!)

  And here is the link of ActionBook:

  Thanks for your help in advance!

  Hey Willem, 

  you have really great artists group on your site! Such group could be good for a visual quality check on BlenderWiki! I believe that can such group raise visual quality for all future entries!

  But something I don't understand, is this group physically together or is also on-line, like this marvelous team?



  drpoo wrote:

Igor, I would help out with proofreading. Just let me know.


Willem Verwey wrote:

Hi Igor.

Your mail post were very interesting.
I'm Willem from the 3D Animation Network.
I hear what you say about being together. And it really helps. That is why 
I've started the 3D Animation Network. And Yes I also believe that there is 
not many people that know's blenter inside out. The idea of the 3DAN is to 
group Blender fanatics together in a inviroment where we can all learn 
togethet, faster. It will be great if you can give us advice on how to 
approce this quest. We're also soon going to start to film Blender training 
material that will be avalible on our website soon. We know that we still 
have a way to go but are willing to walk the walk. It will be great if you 
can give us advice on the looks and feel on our website. 

What is the posibelity of starting a group for the 3DAN there. Together we 
stronger. If we can train the people and let the industry know the is more 
arrowned than 3DS Max and othe expensive software, like Blender. If we can 
start working groups arrowned the world and make proper training material 
eg. Video's, Books, Teotorials - we will win the battle and create a lot of 
oppertunaties for a lot of our users.

Tell me what you think about this.

Willem Verwey
For 3D Animation Network
willem at 3danimationnetwork.com


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