[Bf-education] Some chapters as promised

Fidelis Josaphat Soekahar fjosaphat at gmail.com
Fri Apr 20 04:48:04 CEST 2007

Here you go, as promised long long time ago. Sorry for the long delay. 
Until Ton announced the gamekit download I feel bad for myself lol. 
These are only few of the chapters, but these ones are the ones we 
considered already very mature stage. Yes, very basic stuffs. But we do 
think that this is very important stage for someone to get a good grasp 
later. I designed the tasks to be more playful and result based. So the 
students can get more satisfying "oh yeah I've build cool stuffs" or 
"waddaya know, I can complete the task" feelings.


Keep in mind that these chapters designed from the ground up for 
teaching material, not step-by-step tutorial style but more as in class 
assignment. I'm in the process of maturing the Max curriculum. After 
done, I'll try to convert some of them to blender and translate em to 
english. Would take a while tho.

Hope that helps

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