[Bf-education] Focus for 2006 and Next Meeting

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon Jan 9 11:57:30 CET 2006

Hi all,

Sorry for not checking sooner, but been very busy, but now I have some
spare time again for Blender.

Here is my focus for 2006, as admin of bf-education and helper of bf-docboard
For bf-education:
- Worldwide workshops for Blender
- Help on the creation of the Training Book (for teachers)

For bf-docboard:
- Work closely for the creation of the Training Book
- Help organize things for a better workflow between the developers and
the docboard
- Translating the missing parts of the Books to Portuguese
- Help with the creation of the new set of Books

Also, I am looking for a date and time to the next Meeting, I propose
Sunday 15th at 15h00m on the #blendereducation channel.
This is not a fixed date, I am hoping we can arrange a better timming for
all to attend, so if anyone cannot be there at that time please propose a
new date / time.

Things I would like to see discussed in the next meeting:
- Who will actively be in "charge" of bf-docboard, mostly for coordination
- The focus of each board, to avoid overlapping
- Define goals for 2006 for each board
- Create a proposal for Blender devs of a better workflow between Devs and
Docboard, mostly for more up to date Documentation
- Define standard week day and time for Meetings

So, I hope this year turns out to be the year of Education for Blender,
the year were Blender gets into more schools and the year where we are
able to provide an accessible set of books for this purpose.

-- Rui --

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