[Bf-education] excellent Free/Open Content CG Book

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Sun Jan 8 15:10:43 CET 2006

Not mentioned before, but it does focus on what was talked here.

It seems good, but needs more to it, that I believe can be managed by
this board or the bf-docboard.
Now the problem really resides in licensing.

Yet, we could make a book by gathering just ideas from there and other
books, thus it wouldn't make it a problem. The Art of Maya and Digital
Lighting and Rendering could also serve as a good base start, I have
them both and they can help out quite nicely on this too.

-- Rui --

On Sun, 2006-01-08 at 00:39 -1000, Tom M wrote:
> Has this book been mentioned before?
> http://www.joetainment.com/Plone/thecgtextbook/
> Perhaps we should see about trying to use it for our purposes? 
> Licensing conflicts would need to be figured out - but it is a really
> superbly written book (what I've read of it so far...) although later
> sections appear to be incomplete and some of it is software specific
> (most is very general though..)
> LetterRip
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