[Bf-cycles] still memory problem with cuLaunch on GTX780Ti 3GB with empty scene

Carlo Andreacchio carlorules at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 03:28:25 CEST 2015

We run into this on Windows a bunch, disabling / enabling persistent images
seems to fix it for us. It is usually caused (for us at least) by either
long animation renders (memory leak somewhere which I haven't been able to
hunt down), overheating GPUs or RAM problems on the CPU.

However, if it is rendering via commandline and its a long animation...
sometime can be annoying that one computer outputs all these black frames
because of a crash. Would be worthwhile to implement some sort of 'if
cycles crashes dont save anything out' type flag for commandline rendering.

> I noticed on Mint 17.1 that if you ran out of GPU memory before,
> renders will sometimes also fail, even if they usually work (like an empty
> scene). After rebooting or restarting the X server, the same scene works
> again.
> I suppose that this is a problem with the memory handling in the
> proprietary
> Linux kernel, which would mean it's outside of Cycles' influence.
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