[Bf-cycles] State of cycles baking

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Tue Jul 14 22:13:46 CEST 2015

I wanted to kindly ask, if there is intent to improve cycles baking.

I am working with it for about half a year on a project - overcoming many 
obstacles, building own builds with various patches from the tracker, to get
the job done. I even wrote an addon to facilitate the process.

I could have said - oh, it was a bad path to go, I'll do it in another 

But I also like to help with blender development, so I stick with it. I 
reported allready several of the bugs. 

Some, I didn't report because they are kind of hard to catch and almost 
mysterious- Baking simply often doesn't work on larger files, and crashes 
very often, even when baking only on CPU and memory isn't by far full..

The thing is, I am a bit frustrated by seeing how great the renderer itself 
goes forward, with bugs getting fixed relatively quickly, while baking bugs 
hang there so long and lonely.

I know that Dalai Felinto, who developed cycles baking, is very busy with 
another work on blender - multiview, and I understand that probably all 
cycles developers have other things to do.

So, I just thougt - maybe there isn't common knowledge of the fact that 
cycles baking is actually broken beyond point of usability(), and if I say 
that, somebody just might try to look into this.

I'd be also curions about some bigger finished projects with cycles baking, 
where something larger than the usual ""

happy blending


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