[Bf-cycles] Biased Rendering

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Wed Jul 2 12:19:03 CEST 2014

Would it be a big problem to implement a „Redshift-like“ irradiance cache/GI for biased rendering ?
I recently saw how incredibly fast Redshift on GPU is, it is biased, but boy… you aren’t even noticing it. And so interactive!
Because Interiors and nearly all renders are incredible fast with irradiance caches & Co., not to mention pristine clean!

Now Cycles hast almost every feature set needed, i guess only another biased kernel need to be dispatched to the CPU/GPU for that ? 
Am i right, or would it be too much of a programming nightmare ? Can it be only a modified cycles code, or does it need a complete reprogramming ?

Then again, even if it would be some programming, wouldn’t biased be worth it ? ;-)
Meaning that small artists don’t have a render farm for animation, and BI is not actual anymore by far all tuts are with cycles.
I mean even Cycles, is not really a true spectral render (and MLT is slow), basically being RGB biased, so… more biasing would not hurt at all. :-D

What do you guys say ?

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