[Bf-cycles] filter for out of focus samples

David Fenner d4vidfenner at gmail.com
Tue Jul 1 17:20:32 CEST 2014

I usually do the filtering in compositing, with the Z or mist pass,
adaptively blurring from the focus point to the out focus parts. It works
and it's hardly noticeable, in fact the bokeh shapes are still quite clear
but with less noise. A more automatic way would be very welcome of course,
specially since the mist pass doesn't have anything to do with the camera

2014-07-01 11:10 GMT-04:00 Vilem Novak <pildanovak at post.cz>:

> Hello,
> when rendering with cycles, I often struggle with the issue of needing too
> many samples when using strong DOF effect.
> I thought, maybe for the out of focus samples could be somehow
> filtered/blurred similar to what happens to glossy samples when they have
> filtering on?
> This would help probably best with the samples that are closer to camera
> that the focus plane, while I guess it could be easier to do it for these?
> A nice example of the current problem can be the movie Whole by William
> Raynisch.
> While in this movie is the noisy defocus part of the visual style, I guess
> most users would like the possibility to get a smooth DOF effect...
> I am also not sure if it is easy to detect the length of the ray with
> glossy materials, so sorry if this is simply a bad idea ;)
> Regards
> Vilem
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