[Bf-cycles] Biased Rendering

boura david def4d.fr at gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 12:20:54 CEST 2014


2014-07-02 12:19 UTC+02:00, x3108 at chello.at <x3108 at chello.at>:
> Would it be a big problem to implement a „Redshift-like“ irradiance cache/GI
> for biased rendering ?
> I recently saw how incredibly fast Redshift on GPU is, it is biased, but
> boy… you aren’t even noticing it. And so interactive!
> Because Interiors and nearly all renders are incredible fast with irradiance
> caches & Co., not to mention pristine clean!
> Now Cycles hast almost every feature set needed, i guess only another biased
> kernel need to be dispatched to the CPU/GPU for that ?
> Am i right, or would it be too much of a programming nightmare ? Can it be
> only a modified cycles code, or does it need a complete reprogramming ?
> Then again, even if it would be some programming, wouldn’t biased be worth
> it ? ;-)
> Meaning that small artists don’t have a render farm for animation, and BI is
> not actual anymore by far all tuts are with cycles.
> I mean even Cycles, is not really a true spectral render (and MLT is slow),
> basically being RGB biased, so… more biasing would not hurt at all. :-D
> What do you guys say ?
> Flavius

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