[Bf-cycles] World shader disconnecting

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Wed Nov 9 20:42:54 CET 2011

are you sure you use a new Trunk build? I fixed this bug where world 
emitted light, even if disconnected few weeks ago.
Also, in the default scene of trunk, there is also a lamp which emits 
light, not only a world. :)


Am 09.11.2011 19:17, schrieb Paulius Mscichauskas:
> The Bug:
> Disconnecting the World shader does not work.
> Even the default scene, that DOESN'T HAVE a world shader, emmits a 
> dark gray light out of world.
> If you add a shader, you can change the color of the background, but 
> if you remove the shader, the shader still keeps rendering. Then if 
> you add anoter shader, it still keeps rendering the old shader untill 
> you touch the properties for that new shader.
> Expected behaviour:
> Default scene, There is no light emmited from the World, as it has no 
> shader. (Should be black)
> Removing a world shader makes World instantly emmit no light - be black.
> Adding a new shader would update automatically, without the need to 
> touch the properties.
> Cheers.
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