[Bf-cycles] What nodes should we have?

ertuqueque ertuqueque at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 04:39:18 CET 2011

I'd love to have the Blur node available in the material section... With
this node I could finally create easy and quick-to-render fake blurry
reflections in Cycles... One important thing though, this Blur node should
be able to affect procedural textures... My usual procedure would be to
apply a blur node to a Clouds/Noise texture in Cell mode and plug this into
the material with a mix node... Like in the mockup bellow...

BTW... We need some option to select the type of noise (green rectangle)


Other nodes I could also use a lot in the material section are:

RGB Curves
Alpha Over
Map Values
Directional Blur
Bilateral Blur
Separate / Combine YUVA
Separate / Combine YCbCrA

All of those able to affect procedural textures :)

Thanks for your work!
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