[Bf-committers] Monday meetings - feedback wanted

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 5 11:28:37 CEST 2020


Forgot to answer to that mail… But I essentially agree with the proposal 
to make them on a need-to-have basis. Meetings should be useful, 
otherwise they are loss of time, and indeed those Monday meetings have 
had less and less presence/activities in the recent years.

Think we'd need more than one meeting per release cycle though (maybe 
one before entering a new bcon, to ensure there is no critical thing 
being overlooked ?).

The weekly notes page & mail should remain of course.


On 9/28/20 7:10 PM, Dalai Felinto via Bf-committers wrote:
> Hi,
> The Monday meetings have been mostly single-sided and a bit of a formality.
> At the moment most activity happens close to the releases, when
> official decisions are formalized:
> * Release dates
> * Features that are ready or should be postponed
> * Corrective releases
> I propose the meeting to focus on release only and to be on a
> need-to-have basis (once every release cycle probably). Perhaps even
> as a video call. The meetings will always be open to anyone.
> Module specific topics can be presented and decided in the module
> meetings. The reports (announcements, what happened this week and
> developers reports) would still be posted online every week.
> Looking forward to hearing from the community, in particular the
> people that have been attending the meetings in the past.
> -Dalai-
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