[Bf-committers] Monday meetings - feedback wanted

Julian Eisel julian at blender.org
Mon Oct 5 15:06:09 CEST 2020


Was asked to give some feedback :)

I don’t have too strong feelings about this. The meetings don’t cost me much time really, I can at any point opt-in and raise a point if I feel like. So they definitely have their use. But I do realise they may actually take away quite some time from however chairs it.

Trying to do these meetings via video sounds interesting. Who would be part of these? Generally this could be useful so +1, but I see some issues.
While I learned to like video chatting for work topics (they *are* a productive way to discuss), I don’t like the idea of excluding people, or just assuming everybody is set-up and confident to do these. That’s not healthy work ethics IMHO, esp towards contributors.
We could just accept doing it in a small, exclusive group. But it should still be very transparent and opt-in. And regular contributors should be invited too.

- Julian -

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> On 5. Oct 2020, at 11:28, Bastien Montagne via Bf-committers <bf-committers at blender.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> Forgot to answer to that mail… But I essentially agree with the proposal
> to make them on a need-to-have basis. Meetings should be useful,
> otherwise they are loss of time, and indeed those Monday meetings have
> had less and less presence/activities in the recent years.
> Think we'd need more than one meeting per release cycle though (maybe
> one before entering a new bcon, to ensure there is no critical thing
> being overlooked ?).
> The weekly notes page & mail should remain of course.
> Cheers,
> Bastien
> On 9/28/20 7:10 PM, Dalai Felinto via Bf-committers wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The Monday meetings have been mostly single-sided and a bit of a formality.
>> At the moment most activity happens close to the releases, when
>> official decisions are formalized:
>> * Release dates
>> * Features that are ready or should be postponed
>> * Corrective releases
>> I propose the meeting to focus on release only and to be on a
>> need-to-have basis (once every release cycle probably). Perhaps even
>> as a video call. The meetings will always be open to anyone.
>> Module specific topics can be presented and decided in the module
>> meetings. The reports (announcements, what happened this week and
>> developers reports) would still be posted online every week.
>> Looking forward to hearing from the community, in particular the
>> people that have been attending the meetings in the past.
>> -Dalai-
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