[Bf-committers] Rack is under a moderate DoS

Dan McGrath danmcgrath.ca at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 20:50:29 CET 2019


Just a heads up for some that maybe aren't in the know that today, off an
on, there has been a steady 80-100Mbit worth of unsolicited UDP traffic
targeting our www server IP address on a closed port from, mainly one IP,
but also some random bursts from other IP's that peg our bandwidth at 1Gbit
for brief [1] moments.

Unfortunately, being UDP and to an already closed port, there is really
nothing that we can do other than talk to our upstream about monitoring and
blocking traffic to these obvious ports. But as we all know with games of
whack-a-troll, they will likely just switch to something less obvious and
more drastic.

So I guess just keep this is mind when you go to access the site that some
slow down may occur until the ISP can put some blocks in place upstream.




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