[Bf-committers] Google Draco compression and Blender

Jamieson Brettle jbrettle at google.com
Wed Feb 13 15:10:18 CET 2019

Hi there,

I work on the Draco 3D compression team at Google.  Draco
<https://github.com/google/draco>is an open-source project, licensed under
Apache 2.0, for compressing meshes and point cloud data  Over the past year
we've worked with the Khronos group to add Draco as an extension to the
glTF 2.0 specification.  Recently, we've been working with UX3D to add
support for Blender to export Draco compressed glTF files. Here's the
github repo for the current work:


 From a performance and architecture perspective, it seems that it could be
beneficial to to include Draco compression as a part of Blender (possibly
as a pre-compiled binary).  I wanted to touch base to see if this would be
possible and whether there were any concerns that we could address.

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