[Bf-committers] GSoC 2018: Layer Painting Proposal

Kévin Dietrich kevin.dietrich at mailoo.org
Sun Mar 25 23:00:31 CEST 2018

Le 2018-03-23 00:28, Cheryl Chen a écrit :

> Thank you for the support, Ricardo, and thanks for the feedback, Kévin!
> I hadn't really considered how to deal with the performance issues, and
> your diff is a really helpful reference as well. May I ask what other
> difficulties you encountered while working on this feature? It may be
> because of time constraints and changes to the Blender codebase, but it is
> a bit concerning that a fair bit of work has gone into building layer
> support (seeing that there also was a GSoC project in 2010), and it hasn't
> really been completed yet. It will be really helpful to gain some more
> insight, as I may be approaching this task too naively...
> Best,
> Cheryl
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Performance was the main issue during the various implementation
efforts. Then there is also the case of how to save layer data as
Blender does not save images currently. However, in the diff, this
behavior was changed such that image data and layers are saved to .blend
files. So performance and I/O are the important bits. 



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