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Thu Mar 30 01:03:08 CEST 2017

On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 10:51 AM, Mauricio Pedro Vieira <
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> Hello,
> I am very interested in the sculpting tools project and I would like to
> discuss its scope in order to have a better understanding of the idea and
> be able to elaborate a more realistic schedule. Also, although I am not new
> to modeling software I am a newcomer to blender so I am not entirely
> familiar with all of its features.

Hi Mauricio, I'm the potential mentor for the sculpting tools, looking
forward to your application.

> 1- The silhouette tool, fill tool and grab brush already exists and will be
> improved or they are a new features that will be made from scratch? I could
> not tell for sure by reading the project description.

Basically the masking code provides similar UI interaction for selecting
the faces to be effected, hence the hint to look at that code.  For the
silhoutte tool there is very early code in the GSoC branch from last year,
it is only a couple of days/week worth of code from what I can tell (wasn't
mentored by me).
For the filling brush - the selection code will be similar to the masking
tools; the displacement algorithm should be similar to the flatten brush
algorithm (sample an area plane, project vertices to the area plane...)
For the grab brush 'limit to topologically connected', the proportional
edit code for mesh edit mode has an option to limit to connected.
Since the sculpt tool has access to bmesh the algorithm should be readily
adaptable to the sculpt grab tool.

Basically I was trying to provide hints showing that these likely will not
be major algorithmic and UI coding challenges :)

2- Would you recommend any quick hack or bug I could work on now that
> interacts with the portions of the code I will be dealing with to develop
> these features? Not just to get used to the code but also to understand
> better how features that have similar functionalities work on blender.
Not sure offhand of quick hacks for the sculpting code.

> Other questions would probably come up as I dive deeper in blender and
> start designing how I intend to build these features.

Feel free to email me directly or via bf-committers,

Tom M.

> Thank you.
> Best wishes,
> Maurício Pedro Vieira
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