[Bf-committers] New developer having issues setting up Blender for build

George Guevara gguevara3dev at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 30 01:15:57 CEST 2017

I am trying to build Blender on Windows with Visual Studio 2015 using the information from the wiki page.  I've checked-out the source code and the pre-compiled libraries per the instructions given. The problem occurs when attempting to create a solution file with CMake.  The exact message produced by CMake is,

"CMake Error at build_files/cmake/platform/platform_win32_msvc.cmake:146 (message):

Windows requires pre-compiled libs at: 'D:/BUILDS-2015/blender-git/blender/../lib/win64_vc14'"

Again, I followed the setup of the directory structures to the letter. Any tips would be appreciated.


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