[Bf-committers] VSE devs?

OllyFunkster blender at funkster.org
Fri Mar 3 18:03:40 CET 2017

    Thanks for the comments all. I had been only dimly aware of the 
module owners list, I think I probably saw it once when getting started 
with Blender. I'm not sure if I would be a suitable candidate for VSE 
ownership as the time I can spend on development is pretty variable 
(though I usually have time to look at bug reports), but maybe something 
is better than nothing! Anyway, no matter for right now.

    I totally understand the main focus being on 2.8 - if people have 
time to review patches then great, but it's hardly a major problem for 
me. I already have the fixes I need after all! As long as I'm getting 
the steps in the right order.

    I think in the coming weeks I'll try to get some builds out there 
with all my patches in so that more people can play with them without 
having to build from source. Also I will try to further my knowledge for 
the long-term VSE development as mentioned by Troy - I'm not much of a 
filmmaker but my brother is, so I plan to go and hassle him for a tour 
of his editing system!

All the best,

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