[Bf-committers] macrovellum's fluid designer for linux

lansha graphics lanshagraphics at yandex.ru
Thu Nov 5 09:27:56 CET 2015

hello, i hope that i write to the right address.
i contacted "microvellum" about the release of "fluid designer" for linux, and thats the answer i've received:

"Unfortunately we were never able to get the Linux Build working because Blender doesn’t provide complete documentation on how redistribute a Linux version. Once Blender has finished documenting this then we will provide a Linux build. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you would like you can compile the source code yourself by following the steps below."

and afterwards, to my question if "fluid designer" can be ported at least for ubuntu:

"When building for any Linux Distribution we need to statically link all of the libraries that Blender uses, and they don’t provide a list of all of the libraries that need to be linked. We will continue to try to figure out all of the necessary libraries that Blender uses. Once we have a working Linux version we will let you know."

is it possible someway to help "macrovellum" release the linux version of "fluid designer" - windows and mac users can already benefit from that program and linux users can not!

sincerely, N.T.

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