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Tue May 27 06:06:30 CEST 2014

Hi Juan

Well your question can have many facets. Naturally we cannot do anything like multires modifier morphing(can be very helpful for saving sculpt states for example). If you are asking if one could morph the subdivided states (ie mtm after subd mod literally), in a way yes. The idea works because I have actually tested it as an interesting case. The other side of the coin is that  it does not work because it works based on the original vertex count so morphing happens only every other vertex (subd 1). That is how the subdivision works, initially adding new details in between vertices. Basically you get a spikey version of the morph atm. 

If the modifier checks to see the vertex count changed and if so calculates positions  based on the new vertex count, the goal can be achieved. 

This can be effectively used to morph to a copy of the original subdivided mesh  which holds the actual details, while MTM  artificially can morph to that subd frozen mesh, however in this scenario you cannot baked it into shapekeys. Still very useful though.

The other restriction can be that you cannot downgrade the vertex count on the fly, unless we add another option in the panel to juggle between(like recalculate_vertexcount flag) such mesh states.

However this is all hypothetical guesses I have not looked into it to see if it is actually possible.



26.05.2014, 22:07, "Juan Pablo Bouza" <jpbouza at hotmail.com>:

>  Hi Kurdad! Really promising modifier! :D
>  I can imagine that with the ability to use the modifier stack, it could be possible to create morph targets for a subdivided mesh??
>  So, you have the subsurf modifier, then the MTM, that way you can create shapes for a higher resolution model?
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>>   Hi Bassam
>>   I am glad that you find it useful too.
>>   Using existing shape keys can be a nice addition as well. I will add that to my todo list. One more addition could be that  another script can automate the process of converting it to shape keys and  adding another MTM with the new shapekey(assuming that shapekeys support added)
>>   At the moment, you do not need to keep your meshes. You can just convert to shapekey however you will loose  having it as a  modifier flexibility, but it is a work around as of now.
>>   cheers
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