[Bf-committers] Improving the 2D stabilization tool

Ichthyostega prg at ichthyostega.de
Mon Jun 2 07:27:52 CEST 2014

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Hello all,

while working with some video footage, I ran into problems using the 2D
stabilisation component of blender. While the basic tracking mechanism works
like a charm, I found it surprisingly difficult to get the desired stabilisation
result -- in fact to get any decent result at all, especially
when the situation to track is more complicated, i.e. involves travelling,
panning and perspective movements.

Well, I ended up looking into the code -- and now I've reworked part of
that component and resolved all the (from a users POV confusing) issues.

Consider what I've done as a proposal and base for discussion;
as usual with graphics, this superficially simple topic turns out to
be quite intricate at closer investigation -- thus I really hope to
get into a discussion how this part of Blender can be improved and
what fits the user's needs. Also I'd need some help for completing
the integration of my changes, especially with compositing nodes
and animation.

Please bear with me -- I am rather new to blender, and to the
code base and development process. Could you please point me into
the right direction how to continue with such a contribution?

You can find my code as a branch on top of current master


Branch: stabilizer_rework

(note: you might want to skip the "[private]..." commits at
start of the branch; I am building on Debian-stable

I've written some notes (daft version) to the github wiki:


In the same github repo, there is a branch "stabilizer_demo"
It contains a blend file to check out my new features.

Hermann Voßeler
(aka "Ichthyostega")

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