[Bf-committers] Any git suggestion to force the commit date to be correctly ordered when pushing?

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 21:39:15 CEST 2014

The correct order was 92c8dd1 and then 1aabbf8. So you are right the
problem is probably in my email client (gmail). It's not the first
time that this happen after I push a series of commits, some of them
with the wrong data.

Thanks, if it happens again I will just ignore :)

2014-07-11 18:55 GMT-03:00 GSR <gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com>:
> Hi,
> dfelinto at gmail.com (2014-07-11 at 1222.38 -0300):
>> >From time to time I forget to re-set the time of some individual
>> commits (git commit --amend --reset-author) and I end up with commits
>> showing up in the wrong order in bf-cvs list. (most recent example:
>> 1aabbf8 and 92c8dd1). It tends to happen when I'm working in a branch,
>> and squash commits.
> 92c8dd1 has
> Date:   Mon Jul 7 12:30:43 2014 -0300
> index 1c3e223..0b80a57
> 1aabbf8 has
> Date:   Mon Jul 7 12:46:25 2014 -0300
> index 0b80a57..a9516e6
> Notice 0b80a57 and 12:30 < 12:46.
> https://developer.blender.org/rB92c8dd16dfa9c1ffe7f4d2912bf1bf78b82c3894
> has Committed dfelinto Fri, Jul 11, 4:43 PM
> https://developer.blender.org/rB1aabbf8476a253b49437691c041bede34d8f4227
> has Committed dfelinto Fri, Jul 11, 4:44 PM
> Now 4:43 < 4:44 (no time zones/offsets... *sigh*). And pages even
> point 92c8dd1 is the parent of 1aabbf8.
> All looks correct, doesn't it? Or do you mean it should be "1aabbf8
> parent of 92c8dd1"?
>> If the only issue is the order that bf-cvs uses to show the commits
>> than it may not be an issue. But I suspect it may lead to
>> misinformation in the future and could be avoided.
> The proper way is to use git log or similar tools that look at the
> repository data. Mail systems don't have to always process the emails
> in the same order, so they are not trustable sources for this.
> http://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-blender-cvs/2014-July/date.html
> currently shows 92c8dd1 then 1aabbf8, but could have picked other
> order if one of the emails was delayed. Your own mail app could be
> showing them in any order. Mails apps don't have to know about git
> specifics.
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